Erotic Art


Aro Sizedom

"Oh… There you are… Thanks for joining me here… This is a really neat site with huge women and tiny men… I think the little men are so cute… I'll take a peek inside and tell you all about this site… This site was a treat, an unusual adored treat! I was first greeted by a simple enough picture but with a dazzling sunset scene set into the background. It MADE this 3D picture stand out, make my eyes refocus on the expressions of each face and actually made me wonder and guess what indeed, was on their minds. Talk about instantly hooked!

Another thing that caught my eyes was that it was more men in peril, women of the Amazonian taking charge as well as giving a good sound spanking. Oh… I suppose my backside is good for spanking… The sheer feel of power behind some of these pictures and the erotic fantasy of wishing it was me was certainly a taste in the right direction of what we all wish to have in one dream form or another. This artist really brings to mind, It's a Small World… and it's done in such a fashion as to continue to make one want to see more, to look further. A definite must see.

I think my favorite had to be a series entitled, Table. My mind raced from one 3D picture to the next and left me wanting more. Talk about bringing the unusual to the 'table' indeed! smiles.... If the pictures themselves aren't enough to already have you wanting to click on this site and become a member, let me tell you, the flesh tones, the simple story told without a word needing to be said is more then enough to promote Aro and all his great erotic work. One final thing to add. Don't let this artist pass you by. If you love the fetish of shrunken 3D work coupled with men in Peril, you'll crave to see this site. I hope you've enjoyed this little look into Aro's world… It's time for me to go… I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


It's All Coming Together!

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